Timber floors for an aesthetic and stunning look

If you have always desired to set up an elegant and sophisticated look for your home, then you can surely give a good thought to timber flooring or wood flooring where recycled wooden planks are inducted in the floors to give a posh look to your house or office. And once you have decided to fix a timber flooring in Geelong, which is a port city in the state of Victoria, Australia, then you may choose from among the types of timber flooring available from the vendors.

Different types of timber flooring In Geelong:

Timber flooring has been used since time immemorial and so this process has gone through many changes and modifications, and now you get vast options of floorings like hardwood flooring, which is also known as tongue and groove flooring system used for its easy installation process and durability. Parquetry is your second option where you can avail it in mosaic or block styles and are arranged in the way you want it. Generally, woods like alpine ash, blackbutt, Tasmanian oak, etc. are used here. Strip flooring is done by laying the planks parallely through the length of the room and wood mosaic flooring is another type where the mosaics are arranged in weaved patterns. And if you are looking for a long lasting timber flooring, then you may think of laminate flooring, which gives an illusion of wood but is cheap and durable or bamboo flooring, which is highly recommended for its reliability and lasting quality.

Important measures to be taken while installation:

When you have decided on the type of timber flooring in Geelong, you would want to have in your house or office, now it is time for you to consider the following measures:

·        The floor where the timber is to be inducted should be made smooth and filled with sand.

·        You should make sure that you set up the floorboards in place that receives direct sunlight.

·        After the timber flooring is installed, it should be protected against moisture and fine dirt by laying black builder plastic of 0.2mm thickness.

·        The underlying timber flooring must be properly fitted at the corners to avoid overlapping.

Advantages and disadvantages of timber flooring:

While you are counting on the pros and cons of timber flooring, be assured that the advantages weigh far more than the disadvantages. Being strong and hard -wearing  this type of flooring provides you with a warm and comfortable home added to its mirthful look.

The appearance remains unchanged even after a long time, and it is just needed to be re-sanded and re-polished in order to retain the original polish and shine. Other than this, it needs absolutely no maintenance, and it is hypo-allergic and does not absorb allergens and also acts as a good insulator. However, if you consider the cons, then you must know that it takes longer time to be fitted, and it can be at times dangerously slippery.

People generally choose wooden flooring over vinyl flooring and concrete floors because it can get you rid of cleaning carpets which itself is a daunting task. The timber flooring is easy to clean plus it adds a natural, gorgeous and environmentally friendly look to the entire decor.

Timber floors for an aesthetic and stunning look