Sell Your House Fast for Cash: 5 Things You Should be on the Lookout for

When you require selling your house fast, listing it with a real estate agent is not an option. Another option is selling your house to investors for cash. By now, you have probably noticed the many “we buy any house” posters around just about every street corner. While selling your house may make you a substantial profit, it is pertinent that you understand that scam artists are on the prowl for homeowners like you. While some of their strategies can be spotted miles away, others are subtle and difficult to detect until it is too late. Below are some of the commonest tactics employed by fraudsters.


When the Buyer Does not Want to See the House

Always avoid potential investors that insist on not seeing the property before they send you a cheque. Although this may not be an indicator that the buyer in question is a fraud, it is still a good up-front warning sign. Proceed cautiously if a buyer chooses not to view your property.


Questionable Payments

It is critical that you report any suspicious looking cash payments to the authorities immediately. Never hesitate contacting the local law enforcement officers if something from the cash payment for your house seems suspect. Sometimes, the money may have originated from unlawful activities like money laundering and drug sales. If it is eventually proven that this is the case, you are likely to lose your home.


No Haggling

When the purchase of your home seems to be haggle-free, it is likely that the whole negotiation is not legitimate in the first place. Most buyers will always go to the market and negotiate the purchase price. Astute investors almost never pay the full price asked for a property, and neither are they the most discerning of buyers. Although haggle-free negotiations might take place, they are quite rare. When buyers choose not to negotiate, proceed with caution.


Cheque Payments

In a majority of fraud cases involving “we buy any house” ads, the buyers paid for the houses in cheques. The homeowner or real estate professional would then accept and deposit the cheque. However, a few days later, the buyer would suddenly change his or her mind and demand for a refund. The homeowner or real estate agent then refunds the amount indicated on the cheque received. Later, the cheque does not clear, and the seller has just lost a sizeable amount. Lesson here is, never refund cash for un-cleared cheques.


Distant Communication

One of the tenets of scams is reducing the amount of time the scammer and the potential victim spend together physically. To achieve this, most fraudsters will use all types of communication including emails, telephone conversations and letters to communicate with you, but never face-to-face. In such instances, ensure that any money has been deposited into your account before offering refund of payment.

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Sell Your House Fast for Cash: 5 Things You Should be on the Lookout for