Fake Lawn Grass for Less Maintenance

The rise in popularity for fake grass for lawns by Green Print has brought many homeowners to consider this for their outdoor space. Indeed, the benefits are stacked against real grass, which is not only time-consuming to maintain but can be expensive as well. Fake grass used to elicit a negative connotation but this has changed tremendously over the past few years.
One of the biggest benefits you can enjoy by opting for fake grass for lawns by Green Print is the lack of maintenance requirement. The minimal maintenance involved is actually one of the reasons why homeowners noticed and wanted to use it for their lawns. On a lawn made with real grass, you must mow, feed, and water the grass regularly. Depending on where you live, you must do the maintenance work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
With a fake grass, you only have to do the occasional brushing to remove the dirt and leaves that might accumulate over the surface of the lawn. It will definitely save you time in cleaning as compared to when you have real grass on your lawn.
But aside from keeping it clean, another advantage to using fake grass is the fact that it can look vibrant all throughout the year. There is no need to double your effort to water the grass during summer time in fear of the grass drying out and turning brownish in color. With fake grass, the lawn will look vibrantly green all the time.
Families with young children especially love the idea of using fake grass. You expect your kids to play around in the lawn a lot. When you are using real grass, too much foot traffic can cause it to look worn out quickly. Thus, you have to spend more time and more effort in maintaining the lawn to keep it looking vibrant and beautiful.
But with a fake lawn, it actually looks better with more traffic. The material loses its stiffness and looks more real. And yet, it is comfortable enough to walk on and roll over – your kids will love the thought of using fake grass! It also thrives even in the toughest conditions whether it is caused by the weather or human factor. If you choose the premium quality grass for your lawn, experts believe the average life expectancy is 15 years. The type of infill system you use can also impact how long it will last and the cost of installation. The most recommended type is the sand infill system since it is fire resistant and can lie better.
The earlier release of artificial grass used for lawns were stiff, made of low quality plastic, and lost its color vibrancy after only a few years. But as the technology developed, there were also more options available for higher quality fake grass that looked a lot like the real ones. You should definitely consider fake grass for lawns by Green Print if you want to make maintenance of your lawn easier and more efficient.
Fake Lawn Grass for Less Maintenance