Choosing the Perfect Bunk Beds for Your Kids

Bunk beds are extremely suitable for furnishing a kid’s room. When chosen correctly, they are a fun-filled and space-efficient solution for kids. However, selecting one for your kids could be a bit challenging as there are loads of things that have to be taken care of. The bedding has to be safe, strong and durable and above all, your kids have to like it. So here are a few ways that may help you choose the most appropriate bed to decorate your child’s room.

bunk beds

Measuring the Space: Before you start looking for the cute and adorable bedding designs, you should have a proper idea of the specifications of the room as well as the space where you are planning to fit it in. The exact measurements would help you to determine which type of bunk bed would be best-suited and what size of bedding can fit properly in the room. You must also bear in mind that the beds would have accessories like ladders or stairs, so there must be ample space to accommodate them too.

Choosing the Type: Many people are not aware of the fact that there are various types and designs of the bunk beds available to choose from. They are offered in a wide range of styles; from simple to more complicated with varying levels of configurations. So considering the overall set up of the room, available space and your child’s needs, you will be able to narrow down your preferences to a few types.

Determining the Crucial Features: The designs of the of the bunk beds put emphasis on different features and aspects. So you have to determine which ones are important for you and look for the type that includes those features. For instance, you may need the bed to have ample storage space or have a large desk. The age of your kids is a vital factor here and depending upon it, you should look for added safety features. It is advisable to keep a provision for your oldest kid at the top as toddlers may face some difficulty in climbing up and down the stairs. And if your kids are all below five years, a low profile bunk bed would be appropriate for them.

Choosing a Sturdy Bed:  Children are always naughty compared to mature people; they are not always gentle but mischievous. So you would definitely have to incorporate sturdy and durable pieces of furniture to their room. Kids are likely to jump and bounce on the bed, and a weak bed may fall apart or collapse within a short span. So you should check the thickness of the corner pieces of the frame and how well each piece has been assembled together.

Type of Ladder Attached to the Bed: If your kids are really small and aged below three years, it is advised to look for the bunk beds with ladders coming out at an angle from the bed. In case there are any space constraints, you may select beds with removable stairs that can be easily snapped off while the beds are not being used. Also, when choosing beds for children below five, it is better to have beds with high rails to ensure their safety. Measuring the height of the ceilings can also help you determine how tall the bunk beds should be; otherwise, your child may likely reach out the ceiling or the fan or the curtains or anything that is placed high up in the room.

Choosing the Perfect Bunk Beds for Your Kids